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sky burial

Sky burial just may be the most natural way to go. It is a beautiful tradition where your body is left out to be consumed by animals, mostly predatory birds such as vultures. The thought is that since the body is an empty vessel there is no need to preserve it.

The sky burial is used in mountainous areas where people are unable to dig graves and fuels such as timber are limited to cremate the body. Cremation is held for significant persons such a lamas.

View more photographs of a Tibetan Sky Burial here.

WARNING: due to the graphic nature of the content, viewer discretion is advised.

Unfortunately Sky Burials are not allowed in Canada, but this beautiful tradition is one worth noting.

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  1. Helene Oakes

    If I could arrange to have my body burnt on a scaffold as our ancestors did, that would be my first choice. My second would be to be buried ”au naturel” with no embalming and no casket. But mention this to anyone and they will call the closest asylum. it’s not that we do not have the land (60 acres) but Canadian law does not permit. :(


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