Sites in Progress

Would you like to be a part of the natural burial movement?

Below is a list of natural burial sites in progress across Canada.  You will find information regarding the location of the site, as well the contact information to become involved with the development of these sites.

Don’t find your natural burial site on here?  Please contact us to update this page so we may add your site and contact information to find like-minded individuals in your area who are eager to help.


Hamilton, Ontario

Description:  Interested in establishing a conservation burial site in the Hamilton area.  Currently searching for a site willing to donate land such as an established conservation area or privately owned wild space to be turned into a natural burial cemetery.  Any additional helpers wanted.

Please contact Rochelle Martin via e-mail:


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Description: Currently exploring and researching green/natural burial ideas and options in the Winnipeg and surrounding area.  If interested in further information or joining the distribution list or attending an upcoming meeting, contact Yvonne Block via email:


Please contact Yvonne Block via e-mail: