This Sputnik article is a must-read. “Death has never looked so good: glistening new cadillac hearses, intricately carved tombstones and painfully polished mosaic urns line the convention center aisles. In a corner booth, concrete angels with soft, haunting gazes look up and out–guaranteed to catch an eye or two in any cemetery plot…they scream: who says I can’t take it with me when I go?”

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“She’s only 25 and in good health, but Courtney Heron-Monk has already given much thought to her burial plans. When she leaves this mortal coil, she’ll have a natural interment — no fancy casket with varnished wood costing thousands of dollars, no concrete vault or embalming fluids which eventually leak into the soil, no cremation which uses a lot of fuel and releases gases into the air.” Natural burial got a terrific writeup in the Toronto Star – read it all or download this news clipping.