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Cemeteries are provincially legislated in Canada, so you can start by reviewing the requirements online. Cemeteries are typically zoned as industrial use, so the property you are considering will need to have the proper zoning. Changes to zoning can be challenging, so speak to your area’s planning department early in the process.

Please let us know about your efforts, as we may be able to link you up with others who are interested in supporting the cause locally.

Download the report

Asa Goldman and the Natural Burial Association have created a report and survey on attitudes towards natural burial. Download the PDF report or the PowerPoint presentation.

Who wants natural burial?

Natural burial resonates with the younger generation.

People aged 25-44 are more interested in natural burial than older age groups.

Natural burial is especially popular as a secular choice.

44% of people who identify as spiritual (but not religious) are seriously interested in natural burial, compared to 20-25% of people in other faiths.

Natural burial is great for outdoorsy people.

People who consider hiking more fun than reading, watching TV, shopping and other indoor activities are also more likely to consider natural burial.

Natural burial is tied to the popular eco-friendly movement.

40%-50% of people who support an environmental organization, eat organic food or spend their money on green products are interested in natural burial.

Natural burial matters – especially if it was the loved one’s wish.

Although awareness of natural burial is still growing, 31% of people consider the environmental impact of remains one of their top 3 concerns. However, 90% of people consider the loved one’s wishes in their top 3.

How to successfully offer natural burial

  1. Keep costs low, and encourage clients to spend any savings on nature conservation efforts.
  2. Offer an alternate form of grave marker, such as a planted shrub or tree.
  3. Focus on young people and eco-friendly enthusiasts.
  4. Be prepared to educate clients on why natural burial doesn’t necessarily equal a reduced cost compared to traditional methods.
  5. Promote, promote, promote! Many people find natural burial a compelling and meaningful option, but aren’t educated about how it works.